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Udbyder: Aros Kurser
Titel: Improve Your Presentation Skills

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Improve Your Presentation Skills

This course will prepare you for oral presentations at work, conferences, small or large meetings etc, giving you the tools to be well received by your audience. There is a maximum of 8 participants on each course.

This course gives you the skills to:

  • Maintain the attention of the audience
  • Optimize the chances of the audience remembering what you said
  • Speak in a way that demonstrates your intentions
  • Express personal traits such as empathy, authority, openness towards negotiation etc.
  • Be confident when communicating
  • Speak as a charismatic and energetic person
  • Speak with a voice that projects personal surplus
  • Serve your knowledge on a silver platter!
  • Become a great presenter!

    A great presenter has the ability to maintain the attention of his/her audience. Very often the case is that our minds start to wander off during a presentation. We can only keep the mind focused when we feed our brain with interesting and varied information in a well balanced way. A presenter must strive to find this balance and speak with variation, clear diction, a healthy sounding voice and make use of an appealing body language, appropriate to the given circumstances.

    Controlling presentation techniques will boost your confidence

    When we get nervous we tend to speak too fast and rigid and as a consequence thereof, our audience will start thinking of the reason why you seem nervous. Is it due to low self-esteem? Lack of preparation? A bad morning? This moves the focus of attention away from the contents of your presentation. Knowing exactly what to do, technically, will help a presenter project a positive authority and will turn a, perhaps, feared presentation into a positive experience.

    It's not only about the words we are saying

    The way we are being perceived as presenters relies not only on the actual words we are saying. Nonverbal expressions play a great part in the overall impression of how we are, as persons. In fact, the way we make use of tonal expressions can tell a lot about who we are and how we function as such, as a window to our minds.

    Get an analysis of your own voice!

    No voices are alike, and each voice has its own possibilities. During the course the instructor will analyze the tone and character of your voice and give you a detailed feedback on how to get the most out of it.

    Who should participate?

    The target audience for this course in presentation techniques is very wide, as anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills and oral communication capabilities can use the tools. There is a maximum of 8 participants on the course, so there is plenty of time and space for each participant.

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    Afholdes: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus
    Region: Østjylland
    By: Århus C
    Postnummer: 8000
    Periode: 18-06-2019 - 19-06-2019
    Varighed: 2 dag(e)
    Tidspunkt: dag
    Pris: 9.400,00 ex. moms