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Udbyder: Aros Business Academy
Titel: Improve Your Presentation Skills

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Improve Your Presentation Skills

- This course helps you improve your presentations skills to make you a charismatic and persuasive presenter.

This course enables you to

  • Keep your audience interested and attentive
  • Make your audience listen to you, so they remember what you say
  • Speak in a tone accordingly to what you actually want to communicate
  • Radiate sympathetic and confident traits as empathy, openness, authority etc.
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Become an energetic and charismatic speaker
  • Use your voice as a tool to project personal surplus
  • Serve your knowledge on a silver platter!
  • Who should attend?

    Everybody who ever has to stand in front of somebody to present something, even if it is just your name and work title at a meeting, will find the tools of this course useful. The number of participants at each course will not surpass eight, which give the instructor plenty of time and space to see to the needs and wishes of each participant.

    Duration: 2 days (9-16)

    Price: 9.400 kr. (7.990 kr. with colleague discount)

    Become a powerful presenter!

    If you have ever before spoken in front of an audience, you know that peoples' minds tend to wander off after a while. On this course, we will work with your abilities as a presenter, in order to make you a charismatic speaker, able to keep the audience open and interested. We work on both the technical structure of your presentations, and with your voice, your diction, your body language etc. With these tools, you can facilitate your presentations in a well-balanced but powerful manner.

    Fight the nerves with effective but simple presentation techniques!

    Nervousness and tension are two of the great obstacles to a successful presentation. When the nerves take over, the flow of the presentation is disturbed. When this happens, the audience will start to focus on why you might be nervous, and you lose your connection. The good news is that tension and nerves are easily minimized through some simple presentation techniques. If you feel confident in what you are doing, and more importantly in how you are doing it, you will also appear confident and on top of the situation to your crowd!

    It's not what you said - it's how you said it

    We've all heard that one before. And it's true! When you do an oral presentation, your audience perceive many nonverbal expressions simultaneously with your intended topics. And these unconscious signals can actually be controlled and used to your advantage. On the course, you get an insight in how you come across as a presenter - and what corrections that are needed in order to boost your presentations!

    Your benefits:

    You will approach your presentations with far more assuredness than before. You will be in control of both your voicing and your bodylanguage, and thus eliminitaing the anxiety of making the wrong impression.

    You will be aware of the rethorical principles that make you a forceful and compelling presenter, and ensure that your suggestions and ideas will be heard and considered.

    You will be trained in adjusting your presentation to the specific audience, and thus make sure that you will be met with both attention and respect.

    Your company's benefits:

    Your company will discover your full potential as you will be able to present your ideas and proposals in a clear and engaging manner.

    Exciting and motivating presentations will highten the spirit within your workplace. You will engage your coworkers with your enthusiastic and compelling presentations, as well as inspire them to improve their own.

    No more wasting time with dull, ineffective presentations, that no one is even listening to. With your new, improved presentation skills everyone's time is much better disposed.

    Your instructor

    Dya is an excellent teacher. She combines her substantial teaching experience in the business sector with her skills from the theater branch to create a broad spectrum of tools and knowledge.

    Dya holds a master's degree in drama and theater pedagogy and she is educated as an actress from Århus Teater.

    Dya's teaching strengths are communication, presentation techniques and personal impact.

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    Afholdes: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus
    Region: Østjylland
    By: Århus C
    Postnummer: 8000
    Periode: 18-06-2019 - 19-06-2019
    Varighed: 2 dag(e)
    Tidspunkt: dag
    Pris: 9.400,00 ex. moms